Are you looking for an advance and smart technology that is convenient, secure and suitable for your home? It can control every move of your appliances such the volume of your speakers, control your fridge, and secures your house. Through the use of your smartphones, you can control these appliances away from your home.

There are a lot of brand new smart home appliances that were launched at CES, which includes cameras, light bulbs, trashcans and even robots. The good news is all these smart and new appliances are compatible with Amazon Alexa which integrates a voice command into your home or office just like the serviced offices in Waterloo by Loc8 Commercial.

These appliances can be controlled via iOS or Android app. It is a personalized technology where you can choose your desired appliances to bring together a cost effective and a smart home where it works for you on your own terms.

Here is some list of the Best Smart Home Gadgets of 2017:

Smart Light Bulb

Philips Hue White has two bulbs which connect you to another smart home appliances. These features an adjustable brightness up to 800 lumens, and add up to 50 to a single pivot. You can control the light using your smart home applications such as Apple HomeKit, Google Home or Nest that is installed in your smartphones

Smart Speaker

It is a Bluetooth speaker which has very great sounds and audio quality. It features a voice activated a command which lets you control a lot of smart home gadget and smartphones such as Apple, Samsung, and Android phones. It lets you check and shop things online using the voice command, read you an audiobook, and even check the weather. And from places like Gear Hungry, you can even get Bluetooth speakers that are suitable for use in the shower!

Smart Refrigerator

It is a brand new and the most innovative refrigerator that can be installed in your kitchen sink. This features a huge touchscreen where you can leave notes for one to the other, place and view the schedules of each of the member in the family. It has also a built-in TV and speaker where you can play music while cooking in the kitchen. Inside the refrigerator, it has three cameras which capture photos and records a video to monitor the supply of your food in the fridge.

Smart Security Camera

It is the third generation of the Dropcam which features up to 720p to 1080p video quality. It has a 360 degrees magnetic rotational angle in its base that lets you put up almost in anywhere. In addition, it has a two-way audio, impressive quality of digital zoom, night vision, and it is incorporated with a smart home gadget. You can find these products for as low as $199.

Smart Home Lock

Kwikset’s SecureScreen is a smart home lock which features a security code. It has also a fingerprint code to ensure a maximum security inside your home. It has an emergency alarm if someone attempts to break in your house. This product aims to attain an overall security to ease into the sphere of smart home locks.

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