However, a home does not limit to places. In a different point of view, a home is anything that makes you feel that you belong. It can be an activity. For athletes, their respective sport can make them feel like home. It gives them the feeling of being and feeling at home when they play. May it is for themselves or for others, but as long as they feel like it, it can be considered as a home. It may be a person. For a child, the child might think of her mom as her home for, in her presence, the child feels like he or she belong. When the child and his or her mother get separated, the child usually feels uncomfortable and most probably cries. The child will only calm down when he or she is back again in her mother’s arms. It can also be a thing. For some people, some things make them feel comfortable. Some even feel and think that to a certain degree, it feels like home. There are still other forms that imply a feeling of being “home”.

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