Home is smarter than ever. Through the latest inventions and innovations of technologies and applications, it makes our tasks more simplified and easier. These innovations transform the way we live! Including a non technical living innovation that protects you against questions such as, ‘how to stop squatters from ruining a vacant property‘ Global Guardians. They could transform the way you view renting and buying property!

  1. 4K TV is the way to go!

4K TV has four times higher resolution TV compared to an ordinary-def television. With its high definition, you can clearly see the smallest details of the object shown. You can watch your favourite TV shows and movies at an affordable price with its high-quality television that you’ve never seen before.

  1. Cooking is now even smarter!

Latest appliances such as tea kettles, coffee machines, and slow cookers are now even smarter. These new upgraded appliances are now sync and controllable using Wi-Fi. The wireless connectivity will allow you to control the appliances through the installed application using your smartphones. You can brew your own coffee while taking a bath, and it evens checks the temperature of your meat. They will look really good on top of your quartz worktop surrey. Although these products may be a little expensive, they will certainly make life a lot simpler.

  1. What’s left in the Fridge?

Introducing the newest Samsung Family Hub Fridge it has built-in cameras that records who open and closes and fridge, and it monitors the supply of your food. You can access the surveillance camera inside the fridge through your smartphones. This is very convenient especially when you shop and buy groceries and supplies.

  1. Turning it on and off!

Smart plugs let you control in turning on and off your plug that can be linked in iDevices an app in your smartphones. This smart innovation makes it easier to turn your lights before you arrive home. And it is safer to turn off the plugs if ever you’ve left to unplugged your charging laptop

  1. Your voice is the commander!

Advanced technologies use voice command which grants you to control your gadgets or appliances using your voice. Applications such as Siri, Amazon Echo, and Google Home, that are being installed on your smart devices. Just clear your throat, and let your voice be heard!

  1. 2-in-1 Laundry!

The all new LG Twin Wash System that has a washing and drying system full-sized in one machine. It is a user-friendly machine which you can wash and dry your laundry quickly. It also saves time and money when you’re running our of clothes to wear. Just pile it up, turn the switch, and let the machine do the washing!

  1. Strike that pose!

Are you in a proper posture when you exercise? SmartMat’s will determine if you pose is right or wrong. It has sensors that would correct your pose and will teach you the proper yoga positions through the application that is in-sync in the SmartMat. Take it slowly but surely!

  1. Proper Caution.

With these smart innovations in technologies that we are using in our homes, one must know how to operate and use this properly. By reading manuals provided, we will know the proper measures in using these appliances. As a responsible owner of these devices, we must be able to handle it with care!

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