Are you tired of having to replace glass windows whenever they smash at the slightest inconvenience? Glass shed windows are famous for always getting broken. Whether it’s an innocent ball game or underestimating its strength; there is no doubt that you have had to replace a pane or two since owning a shed. Say goodbye to this common occurrence and hello to a far cheaper, safer and practical alternative. Plastic windows!

Cut My Plastic can provide you with acrylic replacement perspex shed windows which are up to 17 times more resistant and completely shatter-proof. This alternative is both lighter and cheaper than real glass and eliminates the dangerous risks that shattering glass brings. Simply choose the cut and size that you need and the Cut My Plastic team will do the rest. Add your own personal touch by selecting a colour of your choice. Replacing your glass windows will be extremely beneficial and is easy to carry out while on a budget.

Sheds have become increasingly popular amongst households and are used for a variety of purposes. From storing garden equipment to being your very own home office, the possibilities that a shed can hold are endless! Due to their rise in popularity, you will now find multiple styles and designs on offer. However, the majority of these are glazed with glass to create a more ‘natural light’ effect. Glazing with real glass is quite the investment, especially if they are at the risk of getting smashed. Purchasing a plastic window replacement will be a decision that you won’t be regretting anytime soon.

As plastic windows are far tougher than glass, they won’t only prevent accidents. You will find great comfort in the fact that they offer far better security, which you can enhance even more by installing a solid lock with keys from Fast Keys. Even more benefits include the fact that they are weather and UV proof. Your shed will be kept warm throughout the colder months as plastic acts as a wonderful thermal insulator. This is particularly beneficial if your shed is being used as an office or additional room. Fitting the plastic windows is both a simple and safe process.

We highly recommend using plastic windows and you will be extremely happy with all the benefits that they hold.

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